Managing Partner

Dondi Strong is the founder of the Levia Partners. She is an advocate of authentic and diverse representation in the C-suite and on corporate boards.  Her unique background and experience enables her to have a powerful, proactive impact in developing effective leadership in Corporate America. She is a mission driven executive committed to growing the value of organizations and the people connected to them while striving to create an environment predicated on doing what is best for the company, client, prospect and aligned partners.


She currently serves as a member of the board of directors of the Mid-Atlantic PGA Reach Foundation.   As a native of Salt Lake City, UT she is a friend of all things outdoors.



Associate, Chief Diversity Partner

Christostomi is a valued associate, hired for her range of skills and experiences. With a degree in Application Database & Development, Christostomi has also worked as a data scientist, accountant, media & marketing manager, and programmer. She looks forward to the skills she will continue to acquire and the experiences that will shape both her work ethic and future goals.