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Female Board Members Available for Placement!


All publicly held companies headquartered in California are obligated to have at least one female board member by the end of 2019; the search has put many companies at risk.  We at Levia Partners are the trusted resource that has a strong bench of board candidates. If your company is required to add one or two women to your board, act now!

Levia Partners is a mission-driven organization committed to growing the value of organizations and the people connected to them. We help create environments predicated on doing what is best for the company, client, prospect and aligned to partners or sponsors. 

Our research has shown that as women continue to claim increased C-suite representation, the companies they serve are becoming more profitable and socially responsible. It is our mission to have a powerful and proactive impact on business and community through expanded female leadership. We are spearheading the charge to place female leaders in the C-suite and in strategic roles on corporate boards.

Read more about the laws requirements and penalties here.

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