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It's time.... Dondi Strong

DONDI STRONG - a single mom, business owner, and champion for women’s equality in corporate America and around the world. It is time! This is not a random name but that of a father she never knew, yet his blood runs through her veins.

The most powerful force in the human spirit is understanding and walking out your true Identity. This is no easy feat. This is what Levia Partners calls C4. LEVIA Partners trains our clients on how to discover it, own it, and do it.


Dondi is an experienced professional in executive recruiting and training. The core elements of her life enable her to have a powerful and proactive impact on businesses and their communities through authentic and diverse leadership. She is spearheading the charge to place these leaders in the C-suite and corporate boards and mentor them along the way. Undoubtedly, these executives will drive social transformation and financial value for their organizations, sparking global change. She is a mission driven executive committed to growing the value of organizations and the people connected to them. She strives to create an environment predicated on doing what is best for companies, clients, and aligned partners. ​

LEVIA = Lioness in Hebrew. DONDI is a LEO.

Not long after starting LEVIA Partners, her 22 year old son chose to become a US MARINE. The first WOMEN in combat were a covert team of US MARINES called “TEAM LIONESS”, another motivation for the name of her firm.

“By affording female Marines like Parker the opportunity to serve directly alongside combat units, the Lioness Program inadvertently provided women with more equality on the front lines.”

“Twenty years ago, seeing a female [Marine] at a checkpoint with a bunch of 03s [infantrymen] would’ve been really uncommon,” Baker said. “Now, it’s almost become a norm. It really isn’t a big deal to see women on the front lines or at these checkpoints.” link here

“I should give you fair warning that the language might be occasionally salty……..I don’t mince words, gild lilies, or play politically correct games. If you want it straight, damn straight, you’ll get it here.” R. Lee Ermey, AKA - The Gunny.

It is our goal to make the same impact as the US Marine Corps. We know that Corporate America needs more women and other diverse executives on their “front lines”. Help us make a difference!

Dondi started Levia Partners with a focus on placing diverse candidates on Corporate Boards. She has placed two since she started her company April 1st, 2018. If you would like to learn more about bringing diversity to your organization or board or how she can assist you in your quest to join a board, email us here -

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