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The higher the calling the tougher the climb

Levia Partners was founded April 1st, 2018. The adventure began with a growing passion to solve problems, one of which is widely talked about but has not seen significant progress, women being appointed to the Corporate Boardroom. So I launched a business to be a part of a long awaited change. Since then I have had the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing and inspiring humans that work in corporate America. Women and men that are humble, driven, creative, caring, and willing to support initiatives in diversity with authenticity and transparency.

As have learned throughout life, it doesn’t matter if you have what it takes, or the right education, connections, and experience. Even if you play everything “by the rules” there are always petty people who are not satisfied with their own identity and make it their purpose to attack you. But just know that we who know our purpose, own it and chose to make a difference in the world that are targeted by small minded foes. Some try to stop you before you even realize your purpose. Please don’t let them distract you. Keep moving towards your destiny. It is always about making the world and those around you a better place. Too many times in my past I have made the choice to be less than so others would like me, love me, hire me, or talk to me. Luckily I learn fast and became committed to the person I was created to be, which I discovered has changed peoples lives. The encouragement I feel when some tell me, “If it wasn’t for you....” I love people. Maybe sometimes too much. My passion, care, and desire to connect with others has at times been misinterpreted. But that won’t stop me from doing more. More to care, more to help, more to listen. Even if it means that others will call it something it isn’t, or even worse, try and stop me.

Please understand that if you are having a rough patch or a long winter, that the higher the calling the tougher the climb. As a very wise mentor told me, “higher levels bring bigger devils.” Don’t give up. Don’t allow your enemies to destroy your mission before you get there.

Sarah Connor was a desperate waitress and an exhausted single mom. That all changed when The Terminator came to find and destroy her. She transforms into a wanted fugitive, a hardened warrior, and mother who sacrificed everything for her son's future. In that future, she is a young, headstrong heroine determined to take control of her own destiny. Her protector explains that in the future she is a hero in the fight against the enemy of all mankind. An entire army wages war equipped with foresight and the strategies she recorded and passed on to her son. #terminator ##womendirectors #authenticdiversity#entreprenuership #mfceoproject #gobigorgohome #workharday

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